Analysis on 4th sona of pnoy

SONA is also that once-a-year event when Filipinos with huge egos and exaggerated sense of self-importance gather together in one venue to see and be seen and more importantly, to be a willing audience to a one-man performance act.

This would immediately allow them to decide, and not linger on a proposal that turns out to be impractical. The focus of the SONA is to inspire people, to support the government and to dance, to dance on life for the change that we as Filipinos want to achieve. Aside from the Hamilton-class cutters from the US which are now known collectively as the Del Pilar-class frigatesthe other options are smaller in size but with comparable capabilities in some way or another.

It is also surprising to see previously "unknowns" like France's Piriou Naval Services and Rouvia Defense from the Philippines, as these 2 companies are not know to have built frigates or similar-sized warships before.

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How bad is the situation. The helicopter landing deck on the Joao Coutinho-class, small as it seems, is still an added feature and will be sufficient enough to allow the ship to operate PN's AW Power naval helicopters, as well as ship-launched drones that allows an increase in its visual surveillance range.

The Philippine Navy has no problem operating and maintaining these weapons systems due to being familiar with them.

We have 4,5,6 Cabinet secretaries working on the ground.

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Obviously, we are all seeing that yet the NCC paints a different picture. Every pound of C capacity is critical.

But we all know that it is unlikely he will see it that way. Another important factor is the presence of anti-submarine warfare capability, specifically more on having the detection capability using Sonar.

An iron fortified rice IFR is an enriched rice made from a blend of premixed iron-fortified rice grains with ordinary rice. Mas mabuti na alam po natin ilang tao ang nasa lugar na ito at alam natin kung ilang relief goods ang ipapadala doon. Estimate on foreign aids received: He also thanked his personal secretaries, close-in assistants, stylists and household manager.

Analysis on 4th Sona of PNO Essay

They urged Aquino to stop blaming the previous administration particularly of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo over issues Aquino is dealing with.

The plans of unification did not materialize due to the stubbornness of both Poe and Lacson. Students of course must communicate their progress to the Faculty mentor from time to time, and upon request, as well as submit progress reports and samples of work in progress.

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The HDF looks strikingly similar to the old ROKN Ulsan-class frigate shown abovewith an updated and smoother design, and replacement of the aft weapons stations with a hangar and helicopter deck. The Jaluar multi-purpose irrigation project in Iloilo has been approved with the help of Sen.

A navalized derivative based on this design may be offered by STX. I cannot speculate on the number. They are not forgotten. The PN would like the ships to only require minimal refurbishing works for the hull and superstructure, as well as for the mechanical and electrical systems of the ship. Post-SONA Analysis: 4th State of the Nation Address Prof.

What did President Cory Aquino actually accomplish?

Luis Teodoro 23 July Post-SONA Analysis: 4th State of the Nation Address Ang SONA ni Pnoy special coverage. Prof. Roland G. Simbulan. Media:MPKD_JULY_23,_mp3. 20 July Mga paghahanda para sa State of the Nation Address. A Reaction Paper of President Noynoy Aquino State of the Nation Address.

- Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. He also mentioned that this is his 4th SONA, and there will be two more in the future. In the first part of his speech, he praised his team PNoy who have dominated the last May 5/5(1).

analysis: deconstructing duterte's clamor for radical change july 25, 7 things pnoy said in sona and how he delivered on that (or not) dap hearing: cabinet goes all out for dap, but senators fail to ask hard questions gma meets stakeholders in education for 4th time december 26, gma open to unity meeting with aquino.

The war is fought while the 4th Industrial Revolution is disrupting our lives, our economies, our ways of life, our politics, and our consciousness.

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Fortunes are being made while misery and mayhem are. Analysis on 4th Sona of PNO Essay. Analysis to President Benigno III’s 4th SONA Half way through his administraton, President Benigno S - Analysis on 4th Sona of PNO Essay introduction. Aquino III delivered his 4th State of the Nation Address (SONA) last Monday, July 22, Minsangee / Gold 3 24LP / W L Win Ratio 51% / Jhin - 38W 25L Win Ratio 60%, Ezreal - 36W 24L Win Ratio 60%, Lee Sin - 10W 28L Win Ratio 26%, Twisted Fate - 10W 11L Win Ratio 48%, Taliyah - 9W 11L Win Ratio 45%.

Analysis on 4th sona of pnoy
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